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July 23rd, 2020 at 5:56 am

Pepo Perez

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" In the last year the area that has grown more is clearly the one of cmic" , it explained Target, that also praised the talent that shows the authors " young people and not so jvenes" in Spain, many of which have their works in the bookcases of the fair. He remembered in addition that this " explosin" of the Spanish comic strip it has if in 2012 Spain he is the guest of honor in the Hall Angouleme (France), the more important fair of cmic of the world. The pavilion presents/displays in addition the exhibition Heroes to the European Cmic, that introduces to the Japanese readers successfully published popular creations of the old continent in Spain and which they go from Modesty Blaise, of the British Peter O' Donnell and Jim Holdaway, until Lucky Luke, of the Morris French. Also they are included classic of the Spanish tebeo like captain Trueno, Mortadelo and Filemn or Makinavaja, and personages of more recent creation like Titan, the tragicomic superhero who carries out the neighbor, applauded cmic of Santiago Garci’a and Pepo Perez. The chief of a main directorate of Libro was convinced that the Spanish tebeo is able to penetrate in a market so it last like the Japanese, dominated almost exclusively by the sleeve of Japanese production. In that sense, it put like example the silver medal of the Prize the International of Sleeve that received in Tokyo the Barcelonian Enrique Fernandez in 2010 or the success of the work Wrinkles, of Alpaca Rock, translated to a twenty of languages, including the Japanese, and now adapted to the cinema. *Puedes to buy your books in PopularLibros Source of the news: The Spanish tebeo appears in the country of the sleeve


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