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Peugeot RCZ: Franz From Graz Tour Whose Been Biking In

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Flat, wide and beautiful to look at. The new understanding of the Peugeot brand is so emotional. The French sports Coupe from Grazer production convinced driving dynamics and rate. Flat stretches the lion directed his body on the ground, his head forward and holding the nose in the wind, waiting for the next prey, which wants pass him as ready to jump, tense the muscles. We are not in the African Serengeti and that also is not the Eroffnungstext of a universe books. How are facing one of our recent test vehicles and give free rein to our associations. CEO of e-commerce may help you with your research.

When there is talk of the lion in connection with cars, it is dawn quickly most then it can probably only be a Peugeot. And what for one, the model that probably most closely embodies the heraldic animal of the new Peugeot RCZ. The emotional side of Peugeot understand practical vehicles like the Bipper, the expert or the Boxer to build. The brand from France can be but also small car customers and families with useful models, such as the use 107, 207, 308, or 407 and Peugeot sees it again the senses to attract with open air classics such as the 207 CC or 308 cc. seldom before have succeeded but they so Tickle our emotional level as with the RCZ (last May with the 406 coupe designed by Pininfarina). Honestly, one had not expected such a sleek sports Coupe like the RCZ the French. To make a retro vehicle on the legs, just two years after the announcement of a big, is now the RCZ at the dealers and can play even the patriotic card.

The RCZ is namely being built by Magna Steyr in Graz. Since we in this country like adorns with the Porsche Springs, we appreciate this fact also sympathetically. The RCZ built incidentally at Magna Steyr in Graz – provides all the ingredients for a sporty car.

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