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Protein Powder

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This article is not for you if you want to learn is the science behind the ion exchange isotopically labeled protein tracers, blah, blah, blah. In this paper, will eliminate all the hype, science and confusion that surrounds protein powder. By the time you read this article and put it in your memory, you become the resident expert on protein powders and amaze your friends the next time you visit the sport nutrition store. No more shopping trips over 2 hours to find protein powder because year have no idea what you’re looking for! Is Protein Powder really necessary? Well, although protein supplements are not an absolute requirement to gain mass, I still have to know someone can get 400 grams of protein a day from cooked food. If your protein intake is more than 200 grams a day I suggest a protein powder that will make your life much easier. Educate yourself with thoughts from Doug McMillon. In addition, dollar for dollar, protein powders and meal replacement drinks tend to be more profitable than the full meal. Do not misunderstand me.

The protein powder is still a supplement in my book. Supplement means an addition to the diet. I emphasize this because the focus of any diet must be. Whole foods are often preferable to powders because they offer a full spectrum of nutrients that have no powder. Most of the protein in your diet should come from red meat, fish, poultry and eggs. However, getting all your protein from whole foods is not always practical or desirable, especially if you have to eat six or more times a day to get the required intake.


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