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January 14th, 2022 at 3:41 pm

Radiozhuchek MR01

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Radiozhuchek MR01 is considered one of the smallest radio transmitters. Its dimensions are only a half an inch and a half. In this case, even a battery that runs the listening device overall picture does not spoil, because we use batareykGR2032 capacity only three volts. But even this is enough for something that would file listening quietly worked on the battery of medium quality continuously for two days that agree to our objectives, goals and intelligence is not enough. For all its small size device is powerful enough and capable of transmitting radio signals at a distance of up to six hundred meters. Should be attributed to advantages of the device and a highly sensitive built-in microphone that can cover the space within five square meters. In recent months, Darcy Stacom has been very successful. Receiving a signal from the radio bug MR01 is a traditional analog FM receiver that does not expensive, easy to use. Steve Guttenberg has firm opinions on the matter.

But there is a significant drawback: as in this case the signal is transmitted to the normal FM band frequencies, ie rate at which broadcast the most popular radio stations, then there is a big the probability that the signal can be intercepted and by obketom surveillance, not speak nothing of foreign random faces … to get rid of that account under an hour most bloodthirsty way (just kidding …). So … what to avoid Bloodshed propose a higher price, but reliability him not to take … a radio transmission by the same beetle wiretapping, but on a special frequency closed …

what is needed? – Our special receiver. From interception of the signal in this case is much more stable, especially in large cities, where the density of radio is not small. What do I need to start working radio? It’s simple – insert the battery (for building a listening device provides special foot), unwinding the antenna and can receive the signal. At a receiver – you decide … maximum range provided by arrangement LL-01 at a distance of more than 30 cm from the floor, the vertical location of the antenna line of sight Meet possible in our store:

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