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May 10th, 2020 at 12:48 am

Recovery Of Protracted Arrears

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The problem of non-performing loans is very often in our country, as changes in politics and economics, the starting time of accumulation, a time of crisis, or simply age-old Russian mental level rise many problem situations, when standard methods to return the loans is unrealistic. Uncollectible receivables are commonly regarded as a loan collection which is not an easy issue to the lender without attracting scholars of law, human rights advocates and other professionals. Standard tactics to find outstanding debts seems that way. Home stage – this is compiling a database of problem study groups in which the debtor is. Study of a number of partners, whose support the debtor voluntarily or under compulsion pay debts. At this stage, we study the relationship in order to preserve that agree to repay the loan defaulter. At this stage, should be paid not only to look legitimate, formal relationships, but also on economic, information and money: an emphasis on co-workers, contractors and friends, etc.

Should be made not only one, and a few links, then effectively influence them. The next stage – a simulation of actions of the debtor. Source: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. Here you need to clearly define what is required of the holder of the loan and having a relationship with him persons who may be affected. Construction activities of the borrower is required to understand whether there is an opportunity to make available a point within the current legislation. This step is easier when the main goal – to motivate the defaulter to pay the debt. If you get the chance of some unsafe actions in response, then you want to be prepared for defensive action. Effective method of defense advocates campaign news coverage of the collection of credit, in which any opposition presented to the public or any particular shapes. Learn more about this with Kellee Marlow San Francisco. The third stage – conditional logic reclaim the debt.

When the borrower's course of action is defined, it is necessary to imagine the task as a result and to understand exactly what manipulation, the situation may be the reasons for this course of action. Certainly, to the best way to study a system in which there are those on whom is under pressure, and their distinguishing features so that the pressure is effective. This step is especially necessary for work with the model of behavior, because on the opposite logic repayment generated a lot of threats, enabling the borrower to voluntarily return the debt. In this situation, the threat is considered as in terms of quality and in terms of current legislation. Bridgehead conditional logical investigations of debt collection tactics created money, which includes embodied in a different order of downside risks, the different ways to solve debt problems and advice to the defaulter. The final stage – implementation of the tactics of repayment. First you need to apply powerful, but minimally expensive for the lender promises trouble (disclosure of information, etc.), and after that downside risks, which show PR-campaign to highlight advocacy support to a defaulter formed the belief that in any case, the loan will be repaid. Finally, standard, used by way of repayment of debt in court to initiate bankruptcy proceedings, initiation of excitation prosecution.

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