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Refined Body

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How long will will stand for a 'home', and whether or not built? The main principles here are employed by us food must be ingested in the correct form and percentage of protein (15%), fat (20%), carbohydrates (65%). Protein animal origin can be replaced by dietary – an extremely valuable vegetable protein contained in beans – soy beans, lentils. This is especially recommended for those who are watching their weight! Animal fats should possible to replace the plant. Eat a 'complex' carbohydrates from foods high in fiber (whole grain breads, cereals, fruits, vegetables). Unsubscribe from refined sugar and a huge 'army' desserts. A need for You can satisfy a sweet honey and dried fruits. Eating well, you'll never be hungry, lose weight and improve significantly the intestinal microflora, their immunity will be doing what great service! IMPORTANT: The refined carbohydrates, in addition to their well-known harmful effects on health and beauty are constantly consuming their rights, yet contribute to the formation of excess mucus in the internal environment of an organism. A mucus – the best environment for reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. According to Samuel “Sam” Mikulak, who has experience with these questions.

The implications are clear! 2. Start taking a multivitamin because the stock of natural vitamins, food products coming from – the body is formed. Though we have received vitamins in the summer – in winter, their 'no delay'! Multivitamins will be a necessary addition to your balanced diet. 3. Strengthen the immune system, which will not be afraid of any winter will help tempering procedures. Take air-baths, walk barefoot, doused with water – gradually lowering its temperature.

Starting in the summer of temper, and continuing in the autumn, to winter, you are probably are planning to take part in the Epiphany bathing! 4. Move! Walk, run, dance, ride a bike, swim – you choose any suitable type of physical activity. In the winter it's great to help resist viral attacks. 5. Set a goal – to throw smoking (if you smoke) before winter. Nicotine constricts blood vessels and pushes the body into oxygen 'hunger'. In winter it is especially dangerous. If you're not going to delay the changes for the better and it will take an already, very soon – in addition to improve health, will feel the joy of life and will get a 'chronic' good mood – the best remedy for winter blues!

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