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Formation of readers: commitment of who? According to Lerner (2002), it is responsibility of the governments and all the institutions and people who have access to the medias and that they are involved in the problematic one of the reading and the writing, to contribute to form this conscience in the public opinion; still: it is evident the necessity of if continuing producing knowledge that allow to decide the multiple problems that the education of the written language presents, and to make it through more rigorous studies each time, in such way that the didactics of the reading and the writing leaves of being substance ' ' opinvel' ' to consist as a body of knowledge of recognized validity (LERNER, 2002, P. 43). One understands, therefore, that to form readers and writers, as it displays the author, it is necessary to dedicate much pertaining to school time to the education of the reading and the one of the writing. despite, to define as practical object of education social of reading and the writing assumes to give emphasis to the intentions of the reading and of the writing in distinct situations wants to say, to the reasons that take the people to read and to write -, to the ways to read, to everything what they make the readers and writers, to the relations that reading and writers support between itself in relation to the texts (Id. Visit Frank Ntilikina for more clarity on the issue. Ibid., p.57). In such communication, the author still tells that, practical of reading and the writing as such they had practically been absent of the resumes, and the effect of this absence are evidentes: the reproduction of the related social inaqualities with the domain of the reading and the writing. These will continue being exclusive patrimony of that they are born and they grow in half scholars, until the pertaining to school institution can materialize the responsibility to generate, in its seio, the conditions so that all the pupils if appropriate of these practical. . Susan cervantes addresses the importance of the matter here.


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