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If you have been reduced, is seeking a career change or are just starting out, your resume speaks volumes about you. If your resume does not past the first cut, you are condemned, no matter how you are qualified. Here are ten common mistakes to avoid when putting your resume together. Remember, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Several pages? You have to be concise. Keep to a page and a page. If you can not highlight your talents on one page, you are giving the message that are not organized and tend to go on and on.

Role of luxury? If your skills do not speak for themselves, then your fancy paper is not going to make some difference. Font Fancy? Same as above. Do not try to set yourself apart with a different font on your resume. Note also because they are uniquely qualified.

4 Irrelevant information? Nobody cares that you were a singing waiter if you are applying for an accounting job. Outdated information? Is it important that it had a newspaper route and were in high school cheer-leading squad 24 years ago? Not at all. Quit. 6. Typos? You would think this is obvious, but you’d be surprised by the number of resumes received with big blaring mistakes. False information? Credentials are the same elaborate lies. No list of qualifications, certifications, affiliations or awards that you did not win. Just do not. Coming back to bite in the ass. Attachments? At the resume stage do not send attachments of any kind. If you are granted an interview, then you can bring in whatever you are so hot to get into the hands of the official selection. The person accepting the resumes will likely just throw it in the round file. Develop too? Place of employment, job title and brief, very brief description of job responsibilities are all you need. Do not complete a whole paragraph for each job held. No cover letter? Writing a good letter is a bit of an art. Nevertheless, a cover letter is better than nothing. Just keep these principles in mind with your letter: brevity, relevant and free of typographical errors. If you can avoid these simple ten resume mistakes, you’re more than halfway to getting an interview. Once you have your foot in the door you can really shine for the boss. If you do not make it past the first cut, due to any of the above fatal mistakes, your beautiful resume will be used to clean spills of coffee or added to the pile of recycling! Do not let it happen to you. This content has been provided by mygrespace.com, a website dedicated to higher education.


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