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January 29th, 2016 at 8:56 am

Safety In Skiing For Children

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Security in any area is always important, but even more when it comes to children. We must ensure that children have the maximum safety in any activity carried out. This applies, of course, also in skiing, since it is a sport with a certain degree of risk. If you enjoy a rental apartments Andorra, and travel with children, can go skiing with the certainty that they will be better protected, because increasingly are more advances in safety requirements and that appear. Equipment that is now on the market for skiing is very spacious and safe.

If you are going to ski in family during their stay in an apartment in Andorra, is recommended that the first classes for children are those of a professional, and from 4 years approximately, longer than before children have not developed well their psychomotor abilities and may be dangerous for them. Children must wear adequate clothing, which keep them insulated from the cold and the water, and to allow them the necessary comfort for perform movements with ease. Wearing clothes with eye-catching colors, is also recommended to make it easier to locate them on the tracks. Also mandatory helmet use, that will protect them against any fall or blow that might cause them some kind of injury. It is also recommended to use protective dorsals, because they apaliaran the blows that the child may be given during the skiing. It is very important to protect your child from the Sun, since this height and by the reflection of the snow, the Sun may cause burns in their eyes, as well as his sensitive skin therefore should be given both accredited quality sunglasses, and sunscreen cream skin. There are currently new equipments that help enhance the safety of children, as for example, the so-called Magnestick, that protects them both in his course by the chairlift as in its descent into tracks. It’s a special vest that fits magnetically to the chairlift and is deactivated at the end of the journey, keeping stable children in promotions and subject. In addition to this, it also serves protection against falling or sliding on tracks, along with a dorsal protection approved for this purpose, and weighing only 200 g, so it is very comfortable for the child. Security in any sport is crucial, especially when those who practice it are children. You must follow the rules and advice for its realization, because precautions are never few, especially in mountain skiing sports.

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