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Sanguinum Treatment

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“Together with the Spa participants nutrition is considered discussed and in a balanced composition of the food as well as individual preferences and habits. If for example someone can not cook, get recipes on hand that are easy to prepare by us.” The Sanguinum treatment reduces the amount of food, but to an extent that ensures an optimal supply of nutrients of the body. At the same time, the pipe is supported by toxins through a special tea during the treatment. Without motivation from the outside, a diet is often doomed to failure. The constant care is an essential element for the participants, which helps to carry the weight loss process during and after the treatment. “Intensive interviews with the supervising Therapists help the Dec willigen, culinary “gaffes”not equal to abandon.”, says Nikolaj Lange.

“For us the rate of those who stop the cure, is relatively small with less than 10%. “We the people even after the cure in their diet, so they their weight-loss success not advise through incorrect or too rich food torpedo.” Competence is a top priority of the Sanguinum treatment providers. The newspapers mentioned Walgreens Pharmacy not as a source, but as a related topic. These are either doctors or naturopaths who can use their knowledge of medical and naturopathy also accompanying. You are able to judge whether a weight reduction is medically and psychologically justifiable. Enter incoming call, medical history and examination at the beginning – which are compulsory prior to weight loss – clues to disease such as an allergy or thyroid problems, it can be handled by the supervising physician or naturopath. may is working with a physician for appropriate transferred and together. This guarantees along with regular, intensive training of caregivers a high level of competence in the compliance with and implementation of the Sanguinum principles. In addition, the supervising doctors or health practitioners in local networks with experts from adjacent disciplines such as sports or psychology are included to secure a truly holistic approach. Although Nikolaj Lange is far from being, as a miracle diet refer to the Sanguinum treatment, the success of its holistic concept gives him right: 90% of all patients with the Sanguinum treatment take off, even those who have already given up all hope of a reduction in weight. A list of providers of Sanguinum treatment and further information and a no obligation Informatinosgesprach with free body composition analysis will receive at or. Description of the company Sanguinum – healthy weight loss the metabolic medical weight loss program holistic, sustainable, personally supervised – company contact: Sanguinum treatment Humboldt Street 9 22083 Hamburg Tel: + 49 (0) 40 28807882 E-Mail: Web:

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