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Scientific Psychology

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Sociogenesis of scientific psychology Introduction A danger of modern society is that state power and governance (in Foucault's sense) create conditions of a goal beyond the reach of individual processing capacity. This tends to generate increasing isolation. But if governance relations are breaking down, the struggle to become a broker or significant presence in the construction of social life increases. It's not controllable by individuals, but it is not a completely foreign area where the order is set independently of each other, but the order is something that one has to fight to get. Today, subjects refute the ways in which subjectivity has been shaped, refute the techniques used on him, the work imposed by the culture to make them subject in both senses of the word: attached to another, and subjected themselves by consciousness and self-knowledge. Resistance makes its appearance here, in that the subject's relationship with itself constitutes one of these knots resistant.

That force can be converted into energy to affect the outside, and finds a way to be affected itself, in a continuous confrontation, dialogue, agreement and conflict between parties that are given to call the inside of the subject, subjectivity. The fight takes place between one and oneself within divided … "the enemy to be fought not ontologically represents another strange power (…) is measured with himself" (Foucault 1982). This practice of the subject on itself, this ongoing dialogue between the constituent parts, the way they relate to proposed rules and social values, the way they are subjected to a principle of conduct, obeying or resisting a limitation or prohibition, the ways in which the subject gives form to a portion of it as a raw material of his moral conduct of his inner areas that problematizes over others and works tirelessly on it, are the techniques itself aimed at developing the subjectivity.


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