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Security At Any Time Of Year

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Massive brick houses defy various forces of nature due to its extraordinary properties and give the residents of protection and security. (tdx) The need for peace and security in your own four walls is large. In order to guarantee maximum quality of life, is above all the nature of the outer walls of great importance. An insufficient insulation, materials that change their shape under the influence of wind, rain and Sun or secrete the pollutants building materials who chooses the wrong design, faces throughout his life not only damage to the House, but also impaired the healthy living climate. Builders should choose a solid masonry therefore from the outset, because of the natural building material protects brick against environmental influences of any kind, unless wind, cold, fire or noise.

Classified by the burning process in its production already has the brick behind his baptism of fire and is generally considered non-flammable”. (Similarly see: Walmart CEO). A fire in the No toxic fumes caused brick house and thanks to extreme fire resistance, an interior wall can resist up to 90 minutes long intervention over a fire. Valuable time, if it applies, to save himself and other residents in the open. Because a brick house clearly exceeds the prescribed fire protection technical requirements, the insurance premiums for fire protection are also lower than for combustible materials. A strong wall of bricks can withstand not only fire: thanks to their natural insulating properties, which in my brick house “bricks are improved by a special rock wool filling, brick protect the occupants from excessive heat, cold, wind, noise, and even from electro-smog.” From cell towers in the immediate vicinity gets hardly any radiation into the Interior of the House and as they like, massive brick walls shielded high-frequency radiation, also protect against noise.

A solid brick house promises its inhabitants therefore peace and relaxation. e information. Traffic noise Noise from the environment are stuck on the outside walls, and even the slightly thinner walls insulate noise very well. A brick house is ideal, especially for young families. The children can hilarious romp and play, without that next door the father feels disturbed in his work room. And when storms and high winds the little ones must not fear also: the massive brick walls to withstand a hurricane and rain and frost they do not lose their natural qualities. Massive brick houses offer security and peace, and thus an increased quality of life in every respect. Info: My brick house GmbH & co. KG Office, Rhine 108, 53639 Konigswinter, phone: (022 23) 29 66 78-0, fax: (022 23) 29 66 78-1, EMail:, on the Internet at. Tanja EST

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