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March 29th, 2020 at 2:56 am

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Five tips to those who decided to create an online shop 1. Actually "create" online store can be quite simple: register a domain, pay for hosting services and ask your friend to fasten programmer favorite cms (content management system) the public template, based on which has already created thousands of online shops. But now pay for themselves whether such a project? I doubt it … The public – "zayuzany" (many times used previously), the pattern does not allow your store to rise in the SERPs, and most importantly – this store does not inspire confidence from the client. Indeed, if the creators of the stinted on the unique design, the Why is this Internet – shop? 2. Development of e-shop meant by a solution of a number of technical problems, with the main task at the initial stage is to write a clear specification, in which you must answer the following questions: Estimated number of articles (species) of the goods will be accompanied by a description of How good? How will the payment and delivery of goods? There are a number of nuances: if you going to deliver the goods only by mail, then you probably do not need and making the Internet shop in the primordial value, but will simply catalog with descriptions, without connection of payment systems, so the order will be done through e-mail, icq, or mobile phone, and payment will be made after receipt of parcels at post offices. The described method, unfortunately, is not always convenient to customers, as the work of the Russian Post reserves desired. 3.

An important point – the choice of web-studio. Is not stingy, your investment will quickly return if you choose those for whom the creation of websites – not part for the summer. From my own experience I can recommend the "Agency Leader". After I filled out an application, contact me quickly, in Skype discussed the terms of reference, time and budget. Complied with all terms in the set.

I was pleased with them – an adequate, competent professionals. Recommend. 4. There are online stores, the success of which is provided by one position – photos. Depending on the goods offered to the picture have different requirements, but some general suggestions can make, so for each position. Must a few photos. You can photograph a little obtravit in Photoshop to add the product appeal. Professionalism photographer here is crucial. 5. Making online store ends add items to it. This work is usually entrusted to future managers, who are known to often have only the basics of computer literacy. Take a couple of hours and explain all the details of your employees. Save a bunch of nerves in the future.

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