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Shopping Malls

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I always thought that it was a rich train. A train enormous level. Doug McMillon has compatible beliefs. All new and modern for that time. One of the places we liked best was the old lobby Suburban. It was a huge hall, always empty on the field could we please. There was plenty of escalators up and down.

It had its mystery, a huge space to ourselves. The truth that was too large for the use that was made. Afterwords, the wardrobe, the overnight, it disappeared. I thought it was due to the Metro when the line was arrived at Chamartin, and that the hall had become the lobby of the Metro, but recently, I heard from a friend that this hall had been hidden by they are little, but that still existed in deep intimacy of the season. In a recent remodeling has rediscovered the lobby, pretending to me to reconnect with an old friend to know that still exists. Another attraction that had the station, were shopping and the upper terraces. Also with its countless escalators.

Agreed to what I think was the first shopping mall in Spain. Many shops, cafes, kiosks, etc, but to me what attracted me most was the candy store. With four hard, because there was more what I would’ve given him. Same thing with suburban lobby, passed with the terraces. They were so huge and we returned to ourselves to feel the kings of the season. It was a real maze, exaggerated in size for people who used to be in the area. Also on the terraces could see one of the major mysteries for a preteen boy, the Macumba nightclub. A nightclub in the life had gone nowhere, and the darkness that was visible through the door and a lot of older people coming in, was that the mystery and curiosity was older. I have a great memory, though it was old enough back in the spring of 85, when he made a presentation of the cars 10000. I did not know that that day was the presentation. And one day love depression in this age you know, I went for a walk through the station and found the entire presentation of the new cars. It was a great pleasure to enter the car, the smell of new developments and very quiet, not many people. Another thing that was again all to myself. I sat in a compartment first, when he had first non-preferential and then I spent all afternoon crying my pain, listening to the music Aute’s latest album, which debuted at the same time that these cars. And I was there until a stewardess came to me and said, “Enough” I awoke from the lethargy in which I was enjoying a good while and continue the visit. Finally, when in the nineties I made a Inter-rail, great adventure and externally, the trip ended after a month traveling all around Europe was awesome going back home in Chamartin. After the adventures that involved a Inter-rail, made you better assess the station. We found the station gave him one hundred thousand rounds of any European station. More modern, cleaner, more practical. And they came home. Therefore, what has led to the Chamartin train station for me, my memories, my adventures, my wanderings and my things I will always leave a pleasant memory. That line sowing with these aluminum and those developments that now, looking back, is of doubtful elegance, but then had a breakthrough. I always will be this season and that memory.


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