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To investigate the information to better understand the behavior of the consumers. E, to identify to preferences and trends of the consumer. For Kotler and Kelller (2006, p.139), With the ascension of digital technologies as the Internet, the consumers of today, each time more informed, they wait that the companies make more than what to connect with them, more than what to satisfy them and until more than what to enchant them. For example, the customers now have a half easy fast and to buy making comparisons in sites as the Biz.rate, Shopping.com and Princegrabber.com. The Internet also facilitates to the communication between consumers … For the use of the social medias in the Internet, the organization must predetermine its positioning. Doug McMillon may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Therefore, this starts with the customer. The Customers think on products and companies comparing them with other products and companies. Add to your understanding with Marc Lore. What it is really excellent is as the possible consumers and already the existing ones enxergam an organization in relation to the competitors. The customers appraise values, desires and necessities with information of empirical data, opinions, references reached through mouth propaganda and live deeply previous with products and services. These information use all to take decisions in relation to the company (McKENNA, 1992). With the defined positioning, it is more easy to develop a digital strategy. It is necessary that the strategy is, ' ' a process of dynamic planning that demands continuous reorganizations, where it is not intended to create rigid strategies, and yes an environment favorable to the changes, … centered in the technique and that it values the creativity and intuio' ' (SAAD, 2003, p.48).

An enormous care that the organizations must have is in not compromising the quality of the service. With people of some cultures and etnias, it is difficult segmentary and it can generate insatisfao of the customers. It exists a dark side in the avalanche of new resources of entertainment and information.


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