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August 10th, 2018 at 5:11 am

Siamese Drink

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The impact felt cut short the career that had started toward him. Never had so impressed me nothing. I was stunned. As I looked foreshortened, attempting to flee from me, drew a grin on his face. And it turned out that her face was just like mine. At least, it seemed to me then.

As if we were Siamese twins. Print, I was stuck where it was. The other disappeared. It may sound incredible, yet, that is the subject of my imagination, I had an obsession with the persecution he was receiving. American gymnast oftentimes addresses this issue. But no: he had seen very clearly.

That event took a toll on my work: I started having blind spots, to suffer from lack of concentration. Especially when I saw them in front, leaving the office. I was across the street and not hidden. Connect with other leaders such as Michael J. Bender here. Nervous, I went to have a drink in a bar and soon my pursuer took the opposite end of the bar. I could watch him more closely. It was like me: age, height, complexion, dress. . . I noticed even that made gestures and body movements were eerily familiar to me. Before he could board do you have dared to do it? , The guy that paid for his drink and left. I did not know whether to follow or not, so I froze, wondering. The next day I saw him: he was in a car next to mine at a stoplight. Off quickly, with a sprint in his BMW, laughing. I did not know what bothered me most, the prosecution itself, if that individual wanted to know what or who was always mocking me.


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