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Snow White Game

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The sequel of ” Snow White. The Terrible Curse ” it has left finally! ” Blancanieves.Volver to vida” it is a continuation of the game gratuitous flash, that provides diversion for all the ages. Snow White continues her difficult way by the forest enchanted until the final destination – the castle of the evil sorceress. Nevertheless, it crossed only half of way until the castle and the number of monsters is growing constantly. All the animal continue to change and new horrible creatures hope to Snow White in their way. By the same author: Doug McMillon.

At the end of each level the main heroin finds with the head, who, by all means, it must defeat. In the game there are three different heads. All these monsters were their friendly – the dwarves before the transformation. Ten in account, that while it fights with the heads, is not easy to maneuver. Sometimes it seems almost impossible to win the battles – there is a pile of monsters that attack to you. Snow White has a set of stands for casks that has learned in the previous game, that will be to you very useful in the fights, also there are other new stands for casks to learn. You do not forget them – they will be very useful! It tries to make more stands for casks and superstands for casks as you can, by all means, they cause more damage.

You have three lives and after each battle its number is falling, before the main battle by which it can have a single life, which is not good. In order to avoid this, you will have to gather apples. Since you realize, by each defeated monster you will obtain some apples, that it must gather, which is not very easy as well, since you are fighting and you must defend or attack other monsters. This game of fight emphasizes by its action, as well as its music, which makes an impression exciting and contributes to the atmosphere of the game, including the colors, that make lines of vision very distinguishing. All the mentioned things above make an atmosphere of this game of indescribable fight. Snow White will have to surpass many obstacles to fight against the Evil Sorceress in the end. A plot interesting, good graphs and dynamic actions of this impressive game flash in line free will not leave you indifferent!


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