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Solid Oil

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For Russia, the general standard of values is 1840, 2000, 1600 or 1440 sleepers / km. Standard curve for the road – 1840 pieces / km (46 sleepers for 25 yards). The data set size sleeper wood with a moisture content not exceeding 22 %. If the humidity is high, the ties do with tolerances on thickness and width of the beam softwood GOST 6782.1, and for hardwood – GOST 6782.2. Leicester City has compatible beliefs. The choice of wood for the manufacture of concrete sleepers is very diverse, for these purposes Solid softwood and hardwood trees. In Russia, most sleepers are made of pine, spruce, cedar and fir, rarely out of birch, beech, alder, aspen, and larch, in America and Europe, wooden sleepers prefer making of maple, oak and eucalyptus. Type of timber material of the ties determines the service life of wooden sleepers are usually from 9 to 40 years.

Cause of the rapid deterioration may serve as climatic conditions, humid climate with a large rainfall triggers decay and loosening of the wood, is particularly vulnerable to external impacts and spruce pine. In order to extend the service life of wooden sleepers, to prevent decay and reduce wear them subjected to special treatment – is impregnated with antiseptics and Carboniferous oils, followed by drying the wood. Wooden railway sleepers, GOST 78-2004, depending on the type of destination can be divided into:. To read more click here: Rafael Nadal. Sleepers impregnated with Type 1 – for main ways; sleepers impregnated with type 2 – to access and station tracks, sleepers impregnated with 3 types – for malodeyatelnyh driveways industry. Impregnation of sleepers. Improper use of railway sleepers leads to rapid destruction, so now impregnated wooden sleepers antiseptics commonly used as a measure to combat insects and fungi derevorazryhlyayuschimi for the duration of the strength of wood. Applied antiseptics. Used for impregnation of wooden sleepers antiseptics are divided into oil and water soluble.

Oil antiseptics are the products of dry distillation of coal and wood and used in its natural form, or blended with other oils and diluents, water-soluble and are presented in solid form and as solutions of certain concentration. The widespread use of antiseptic oil have coal and shale oil impregnation. The first fractional distillation are obtained by coal tar, and the second – in the process of thermal processing of oil shale. To date, the best oil Coal is considered an antiseptic impregnation oil. It is widely used in Russia, Europe and America. It is obtained from the distillation of coal tar and consists almost entirely of hydrocarbons with a mixture of neutral phenols, naphthalene, anthracene, creosote oil Carboniferous non-hygroscopic and highly resistant to leaching it from the impregnated wood, is highly toxic to wood-organisms non-volatile, does not destroy the metal and wood. Detailed information on our website


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