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Sonia Tena

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In fact, about his facet as a friend, Carbonell has, when you’re here, you’re the only one for him and gives you kisses with tongue. But when he leaves, takes three years to return to talk to him, so the writer concludes that it seems you don’t need people so much as the people to him. Through different testimonies of people close to Sabina, as Javier Krahe, the author outlines an artist who moves not by money, but by making songs and write, something what dedicates all his time. See also an aspiring Professor of literature who happened to live of author’s song more Warrior and that, after his return from exile, overturned in a more intimate tone. For assistance, try visiting Jack Nicholson. Carbonell, the first journalist in Spain which devoted an entire page, in 1982, saw a funny and witty, unusual artist for the so gloomy at that time. Sabina and their relationship with women women occupies an important part of the work. There are women who have gone mad, as Sonia Tena, with which he lived a crazy, passionate relationship.

He has lived to the limit with all, lives for them and they are a fundamental link, it says. Get more background information with materials from Sean Rad, New York City. For Carbonell, which underlines the sincerity of the singer and he says that the only one who sings is what lives and lives as sings, the best Joaquin is the abandoned by women, the hurt, and cited as an example discs such as physics and chemistry (1992), this mouth is mine (1994) and 19 days and 500 nights (1999). Despite the fact that his life is marked by stability next to Jimena Coronado, the author advocates that is still to come the great album from Sabina, the most dazzling for years. But for that he has to undress of body and soul, sit alone, kick people out and tell what has been his life so far. You would have to isolate themselves from the media noise, considers Carbonell. Source of the news: the biography of Joaquin Sabina that “you will not find in Google”

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