Hoosier Basketball at it's Finest

Indiana H.S. Hoops

April 6th, 2020 at 8:49 pm

South America

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the factors that imply the production costs include man power, raw materials, tax incentives, transports and the ambient requirements of the country cheap where the plant is installed. This trend will be able to mask the fulfilment of goals of reduction of the production of decurrent gases of the fsseis fuel burning, agravadores of the effect greenhouse and the global heating, therefore the reduction of the emissions in the countries richest could be annulled with its growth in the countries in industrialization process. It has a clear trend in the world-wide economy, to concentrate itself more in the countries developed on activities to the development of technologies, the engineering of products and the commercialization. On the other hand, the activity of production, exactly with high levels of automation, will tend to concentrate itself less in the developed countries, where they are cheaper the man power, substances cousins, minors costs with the requirements of protection to the environment. The existence of a market of dimensions global, with purchasing power high and gostos sophisticated, is responsible for good part of the advance of the devastao of the tropical and equatorial forests in Malaysia, Indonesia, Africa and, more recently, in the South America. The traditional Chinese medicine, in whose clientele if they include rich of the whole world, stimulates the hunting of remaining units of tigers, rinocerontes and other animals in extinguishing ways. Globalizados markets facilitate the transit of these merchandises, whose high prices stimulate traditional populations to commit, innocently, crimes against nature. The measures most efficient to prevent or to minimize the effect devastadores of these and other consequences of the Globalization on the environment would be the adoption, for all the countries, of ambient legislaes with levels equivalents of requirements, the reinforcement of the environment institutions, mainly of the agencies in charge implementing and keeping the fulfilment of the laws, it is equally basic. For this, they would be necessary, beyond action of the governments of the developing countries, economic assistance and technique of the nations richest, to modify ways and habits of life in the next years, in order to prevent a planetary ecological catastrophe.


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