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Sports Car With Leg Room

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Auto.de is Porsche Panamera sports car are known not for its sumptuous space offer. Who wants to have his family aboard, is better served with a limousine. That was at least used to be. However, the new Porsche Panamera attempt to combine elements of both worlds. Thus, last but not least new demographics will be obtained. In a detailed review, the Internet portal has studied auto.de if this attempt is successful.

Externally, the new Porsche reminds of the 911 series. Beneath the surface, there are however clear differences. First of all, the engine in the Panamera sits front. In addition, the new model is a full four-seater. The old 2 + 2-concept according to the tester of the past belongs to. Accordingly, the Panamera is also a fair bit longer and measures total 5 meters. Space related proven also in everyday situations. Also noticed the trunk capacity of 445 litres.

By folding down the rear seat it can be extend a total of 1,250 litres. The speedometer, however, represents a small Downer. The analog speedometer is traditionally quite small scaled and rather serves the alibi. But also the digital speedometer is not exactly an eye-catcher with its modest dimensions. While the new Porsche at the speed has to offer itself: in the basic equipment he comes on an engine power of 400 HP and a top speed of 285 km/h. In the Turbo variant, there are the Panamera either even with 500 HP. However, this liaison from power and comfort has also its price. The simple Panamera S euros as standard equipment almost 95,000, the Panamera Turbo around 135,000 euros.

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