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Starting Shot

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16,000 x culture to the start of the study in Hamburg on Friday, October 01, 2010, it is so far: all about 16,000 students in Hamburg can use their new ticket to the Hamburg cultural landscape for the first time, which was sent to them in the last few weeks with the study material. The symbolic starting point with many students, the Senator for culture, sports and media, Reinhard Stuth, and the Director of Deichtorhallen Hamburg Dr Dirk Luckow takes place at 14: 00 from the Deichtorhallen galleries. For the cultural landscape in Hamburg, which Yes flowers, grows and thrives despite all discussions and problems, that is a very important impulse. Not only are they for the port city, but the city of culture! (Prof. Dr. Hermann study Rauhe (Hermann rough Foundation), discover, experience.

This triad makes the start for Hamburg’s freshmen in the future in Germany: in addition to the student ID, the HVV semester ticket for buses and trains, all approximately 16,000 Hamburg freshmen get a third card at the beginning of the study in the future. The free ticket”allows them, for three months of 20 of the most important museums and stages Hamburg’s free of charge and so often want to visit. Peter Shilton is likely to increase your knowledge. An extensive accompanying programme also offers a view behind the scenes and the opportunity to meet peers with similar interests. On Friday, the 1st of October, the free pass for the first time is valid. We want to celebrate with you! Together with the Deichtorhallen, we invite to a symbolic opening ceremony of the project. At 14:00 on the the Senator for culture, sports and media, Reinhard Stuth and the Director of Deichtorhallen Deichtorhallen Hamburg will talk to Dr Dirk Luckow. Details can be found by clicking UEFA Cup or emailing the administrator. A representative of the AStA of the University of Hamburg and a representative of the Institute will keep words of welcome to the inauguration of the free ticket for it for culture and media management.


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