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Sense common, that it is common to a great amount of people who think about our country, agrees in main lines and so the Minister raises. Hear from experts in the field like Randall Rothenberg for a more varied view. But without spirit to offend the investiture of the civil servant, it has not said anything new, since to this they come it analysis making for almost 19 years the politicians from the same in favor sign that the Minister of Development Social of the Province of Buenos Aires Daniel Stream and never they have solved nothing completely. Not only this, but increased the exclusion, marginality, poverty and many questions more. This is of the exclusive responsibility of the provincial State and each one of the civil servants integrate who it and a society that has allowed that continues governing time and time again. The numbers that can show are forceful, but they do not reflect the reality. To only it serves them them always stops kick-like the problems forwards.

That it solves the one that comes. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Bobby Sharma Bluestone Equity. And thus we lived and the life goes away to us, the boys become ill, the old women cannot buy medecines, the jails become miserable spaces that it does not guarantee the reintegration of anybody to the society, the poverty fills of diseases, the education to us always is threatened, the educational ones put the chest before the demand one better education from the society that punishes in addition them because it questions his complaints to them, since they gain a good pay – four hours per day and three months of vacations say and work. To speak to speak. They are many questions that come giving returned per years and follow without being solved. We know them to the diagnoses, not with the luxuries of our civil servants, we lived but them in the daily thing. And we see that the answers are lacking. If we followed with these ideas to lower ” procesabilidad” from the minors before justice, the moment will arrive where they will appear some ” herodes” causing the evils majors.

I resist to this type of declarations that are not isolated, are part of a general concept and a style to govern that fully it has failed. And but, we see this great swindle of ” lists testimonios” in order to endorse the national policies. They run to us with the threatening right of the 2001 and they are to us killing with the left of the 2009. Better than to say it is to do. It is hour to generate all the different one that expresses Minister Alonso, for that have been chosen, so that they do not say to us what already we know for years.


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