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November 19th, 2016 at 3:02 pm

Stephan George

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The huge phrase of Stephan George: ' ' Your number already is one delito' ' express the temptation, from whose overcoming the pan-athletes appear politicians of a-manh' '. we can, still with Sloterdijk, to conclude: ' ' It is evident that, at a time where the form of the Great one is changed, patolo-gias of filiation of all type they become epidmicas' '. We only can conceive the city Greek as ' ' model par excellence, origin and paradigm, of democracia' ' , therefore, if to think basically as revenge of the place and the individual one on the current hiperpoltica, as when ' ' great regions will protect with latent and manifest strikes of the universal yoke of the capitalism globalizado' '. However, if the man always was and is condemned to live in abstract shelters, is undeniable that, says us Sloterdijk, ' ' The abstraction of the Great one becomes serious the traces of the State; already the Greeks said that Pricles, after having taken the power, never more laughed. But if the politics (or justice) always meant a system of distribution of the cruelties from an abstraction center (government), then must fear serious things for the final purchasers of the cruel distributions.

I do not speak here of poverty, local narrowness and senhoris moods, of exploration, breaking and fellow creatures, even so the literature of the great ones civilizations have transmitted of all the realistic regions of the world ladainhas on this. What at the moment desire to point it is the antropolgica catastrophe of the great civilization, that cinde the evolution of homo sapiens in a line of high possibilities and another one of impoverishment. ' ' humanidade' ' if it breaches here in groups that if intensify through tensions, and groups that are estagnados in the suffering; pain, in the great civilization, acquires a terrible double face; it acts in some as estimuladora, in others as obstruidora; for the minority, the lack has effect educator; for the majority, it acts as annihilating of almas' '.


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