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Study Leaders

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A good leader helps people become better than they are. It creates work environment that attracts, keeps and motivates employees. Myth 4. The leader – a man of high position / rank / title / title. True leadership is not based on position.

It is based on – performance, efficiency and opportunities. Many of us have witnessed, when the "leaders" are simply assigned to these roles, which demoralized the people and harmed business. The best companies are trying to identify and grow as leaders, as possible. "Gore and Partners 'practice' natural leadership example." They are not appointed leaders. They allow you to go upstairs by himself.

People are attracted to those whom they respect, who can be an example from whom they can learn and who emulate. For even more opinions, read materials from Big Ben. Myth 5. Good leaders have a higher educational level than other people. There is no connection between the number of diplomas, their level of prestige and leadership qualities. When it comes to managing people, the best teacher – only the experience, the best engine – will. As they say – formal education will allow you to earn a livelihood; self will bring you money and will – power. As is known, the most famous business gurus and politicians do not always even finished university. They believed that "business schools are building a model that does not exist wonderful world" (P. Drucker). Teaching – the study of the rules. Experience – the study of exceptions. Great leaders set their own rules. Conclusion. In my opinion, the best program of leadership development have a modern army in the developed countries. There you will always start from the bottom. Gradually, you move above and thoroughly evaluated. Your level of responsibility extends only to the growth of your experience. Experience should be for weeks or months at a formal training and practice. A unique challenge for these leaders – the time spent on front in war zones. It was there that a person learns to control rapidly the relationships and conflicts. Control the balance between the general purpose and individual needs. The war, unfortunately, rapidly puts everyone on their place in life. Army leadership development model, of course, can not be called perfect, but as long as it is unattainable model for most civilian organizations.

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