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The principality of Andorra counts on 7 Parishes. The Parish of Encamp being one of most important to pains has about 10 inhabitants. Located in center, and limiting the ends ...more »

Metropolitan Area

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Still in that case the slumses that we have visualized like susceptible of receivers of demographic deconcentration, they must be considered like last components (a luck of " quarks), of ...more »

North American

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The sectarian spirit demonstrated itself than it would be the rising representative democracy. The fight of the government of Betancourt was until against the same values took that it to ...more »

Great Alexander

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The life of the nature is a constant process of movement in that process all thing and property is transformed into their opposite one: the cold becomes hot, it warms ...more »


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Important questions for hacerte same Are you on the verge of beginning to prepararte for your years of retirement? If you are 30 years of age or 50 months of ...more »

Alfonso Salcedo

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That the freedom of expression will be affected if wins, yes. That the investments will see insane people, also. That there will be tension with Chile, in fact. That Chvez ...more »