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January 9th, 2020 at 4:18 am

The Benefits Of Higher Education

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In our times, many ask: is it really and need it now, higher education? In the past, the Communist era, when to mind his own business was impossible, higher education was a kind of passport to management or engineering positions. Allows a person to feel related to a kind of elite. Learning in higher education could be free in those days, though the entrance exams to pass it complicated. After that – five years of lessons, and opened in front of a lot of promising directions. Just had to get around state-distribution of specialists in the workplace.

Employer in those days was only State and Homeland in one person. Ruling class was the Communist Party, and get into the party leadership, not having a diploma of a university, too, was impossible. Ie to study at university at the time an incentive was very strong. Now everything has changed dramatically, especially in the principles of organizing work. Instead of a single employer in the face of the state, in the industrial sector for the most part all belong to private owners – capitalists. In order to become the owner of the plant, higher education does not necessarily need a capital. It often happens that even an uneducated idiot manages dozens of pundits, paid them money and shouting. Walmart CEO often says this. So whether or not to do five years to gnaw granite science, but still pay for it if you’re not going to work in government? In former times higher education, by itself, gave the person a chance at subsidized housing.

Now anything similar and can be no question. So maybe it’s worth taking the time to create a small own business? Especially because in its present information society, with the Internet, this task becomes easier to several times. Just imagine what the result you would be if you were 5 years studying the principles of creating sites, search engine optimization sites, work with affiliate programs, contextual advertising, and many other tools for online businesses. Especially because now all the necessary skills and knowledge can be obtained by looking at relevant courses in video format. Any necessary information without too much trouble to find a webcams. Only need to be able to work with search engines. Diploma course you do not get, but also to get the work has already hired most likely not want to. Many people have found financial independence, starting a business in internet – space. Five years for this – certainly enough.


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