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May 16th, 2020 at 10:56 pm

The Biological Body

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Why? Because, one way or another, but our perception is limited by our biological body. 'What more can a man, but the body? " – ask intrusive reader skeptical? Kabbalists claim that another man has a shower! And she has a sense organ. That's it, and opened Adam, then was able to see a world without borders and suffering. The world in which people can always enjoy, not fear, that someday will end joyous moments. In this world, Adam saw the thing: that all people on earth are a single organism in which there is no isolation and confrontation. He able to unravel the concept of who created it. The plan of the Creator! Which is quite simple: the Creator wants his creation (man) made like its creator. So why do people still do not become like the Creator? What is the difference between us and that is common between us? Overall – it's desire! The difference lies in the fact itself desires.

As we have said, human life is designed to meet their desires, that is, for pleasure. In other words, the essence of human desires – this is selfishness, the desire to receive. The essence of the desires of the Creator – this is altruism, the desire to give and fill. That's all there is a fundamental difference, but that it creates a huge gulf between the Creator and creation. Built on this principle of the organ of perception of the soul. And to his 'turn', you just need to change the vector of our desires. Legacy So Adam was the first who managed to switch the vector with the selfish desires of their on altruistic. Kellee marlow san francisco has much experience in this field.

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