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May 18th, 2020 at 11:11 am

The Body

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The noble agencies if had advanced and each one looked for to convince the others that were optimum candidate. The brain said: ' ' I want to be elect president of the body, therefore in me intelligence, reason, thought, common-sense inhabit, necessary things pra well administrar' '. The heart spoke: ' ' In fact, brain thinks, plans, manages the body. But, if I not to pump blood, it do not function nor I can govern nothing. Therefore, optimum candidate I am eu' '. For assistance, try visiting Doug McMillon. In turn, the pulmes had said: ' ' Without air, agency some of the body survives.

Candidatado ideal sou' '. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Marc Lore. Each agency presented itself as optimum candidate to manage the body. Fierce dispute, them was not understood. Worse: the lesser agencies had been at least called to think. Hear other arguments on the topic with kellee marlow sf. Noble agency some remembered the pncreas, the bladder, the kidneys and too much lesser agencies. , Suddenly, there most humble by the agencies it took the word and one launched candidate the government of the body. General astonishment! All the agencies, until the minors, had protested with vehemence against the ousadia of most inferior of the agencies of the body.

' ' We cannot accept to be commanded by an agency which all are mentioned with jeering, without respect: fiof, furico, finfa, fueiro, thread, oritimb. We cannot admit isto' '. Unanimous and unisonous, under protest, all had rejected, in limine, the candidacy of the humble and prestativo anus, of the most dedicated servers of the human body. Humiliated, but unresigned, it said the anus: ' ' I see that the rejection to my candidacy is absolute: of the minor to the greater, accepted agency some me as bigger commander of the body. But, the hole is more under, is not well thus; vocs inda had not understood who in fact orders in the body: I will prove that the rejected one orders in all vocs' '.


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