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The Coating

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The sandwich panels are heat-insulating material with a thickness of 50 to 200 mm, lined on both sides of galvanized sheet steel. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Randall Rothenberg. As cladding can also used stainless steel sheets. The external surface of the coating can be produced without any additional protective coating or with a polymer-coated, usually white color. As an insulation material in prefabricated cold rooms used polyurethane foam (PUF) or polystyrene (PPP). The assembly of sandwich panels with each other by means of connection of the "thorn-groove" and fixed with screws with washers or press studs. In case of significant (more than 6 m) of linear size refrigerator compartment housing provides for various steel, providing strength and rigidity ceiling. What doors are equipped with refrigerators? Isothermal door, which is equipped with refrigerators, on request can be hinged or folding single-wing, or sliding. In low-temperature chamber door provides electric heating sealing rubber.

Doors can also be equipped hladosberegayuschimi curtains. Where can I place the cold storage? Refrigeration camera can be placed inside various buildings and on open ground. When placed on an open area for weather protection for the cabinet must be provided shelter. For determine the design of the hull inside the cabinet of any premises is necessary to pay attention to the presence on the walls and ceiling where you plan to install it, the various communications and their impact on the assembly and continued operation of the camera. Necessary to consider the possibility of transportation design elements cabinet to the installation through the corridors and staircases of the building. What kind of equipment provides operation of the refrigeration chamber? To ensure the required temperature inside the working volume, equipped with cameras monoblocks or split-systems.

Candy bar – a refrigerator, designed as a single unit, where compressor, condenser, evaporator, and the system of regulation and management together in one package. When installing the air cooler (evaporator) is located inside the refrigerator compartment, and other elements outside. Split – system is also a refrigeration unit, but consists of two separate units: the condensing and air-. Air cooler is mounted inside the chamber, condensing unit for its limits. Between a freon units are connected by pipelines and electric cables.

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