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The Dogs

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Sports must be run in which of course are particularly popular and suitable. So you can take the dog to the jogging, Nordic walking or hiking. Some people also accepts the cycling with (see also top dog school – tip of the month of February) the dog. These sports are best the essence and the nature of the dog because this is designed by nature to run. The dogs adapt usually the tempo and the condition of the master or mistress, resulting in a real common sport.

Meanwhile, but also common swimming is a popular form of the so-called Doggings. Many dog lovers take their four-legged friends to a Lake to bathe there together, splashing, or really to swim lanes. The big advantage of the dogging is that it promotes the health of humans and animals and at the same time give you the opportunity to spend time together. Who wants to not always be instructed, that friends or colleagues Have time and desire together to play sports, you will be sure quickly convinced of the dogging. Please keep in mind: while wearing high-tech sneakers, your dog is unprotected on his paws. Minute Clinics can aid you in your search for knowledge.

Without shoes. Therefore, soft paths are preferable hard asphalt tracks. Also you should no longer put the full Fressnapf your dog prior to the training. After feeding your dog, you should wait at least an hour before you start with him to the sport. Also, you should constantly monitor the running of the dog. He, limps may exist such as a violation of the paw or he kicked stones or fragments in a paw up, that hurt him. You should stop for that day with the sports and address the root cause. Request but not overwhelm what is valid for the current athletes, also applies to the dog running with, because initially the necessary condition for a long run is missing him certainly.

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