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June 5th, 2020 at 3:26 pm

The Earth

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They want an emblematic example? What we are doing with the Nature! All that will cause one serious consequence, which, in addition, already is happening Only does not see that does not want Nevertheless, brings back to consciousness ecological is expanding in the world. And that is good. David Siegel follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. We cannot fire in our collective dwelling. Nor to make of her a hovel. Which is that house, creatures? * The Earth! The warning of scientists They remember the warning of different scientists (if not equivocal me in 1983, one of the warmest years of History) on greenhouse effect, in the mid term, soon denied by others, that, supposedly, would be taking care of economic interests of powerful which they do not want to diminish its profits? These others forget that this time we can lose the own house, the Earth. Today the facts have repercussion global, that is to say, immediate. Nevertheless, it seems that some insist on closing the eyes to so ominous results. For that reason, I prefer to remain with the conclusion of the first mentioned students, even because the disagreeable changes already are in the heat of course, causing considerable damage, unless there is an energetic and dynamic providence of the governments, forced by his citizens, who finally are putting in agreement That to also wake up comprises of the prophecies.

We observe the illustrative word of the Apostle Pablo, in its Epistle to the Romans, 13:11 and 12: And I say this to you, that they know the time, that already is hour of which they awake of the dream; because our salvation is now more near which we create. The night goes high and comes arriving the day. We leave, then, the works of the darknesses, and revistmonos of the arms of the light. He is urgent to demonstrate that prophecy is not synonymous of flagellum, but the exhibition of the correlations between cause and effect. It is good or bad the sum what we realised before.

It is necessary that we learn this in the heat of to make of the prophecies an element for our conscious progress, that we become, judgment, in agents of our future. It is not in vain this commentary of the French writer Joubert (1754-1824): ” When from an error ours a infelicidad arises, injuriamos to the destiny . To fear to the Apocalypse? The Law of Cause and Effect is always present, to give to each in agreement with its own actions. We see not always it act immediately, because its action is natural, organic. For that reason, rarely we managed to perceive its mechanics. To the exact hour, according to Clock of God, all we gather what we seeded. Therefore, it is not with the Apocalypse that we are due to come up; on the contrary, because, for they read that it without preconceived ideas, it is a beautiful divine message that is two thousand years old. The terror is the been delirious, individual or collective human acts. * Genome total genetic Organization of a Being. * Creatures you preach Them of Paiva Netto always are sanctioned by a surprising number of creatures and young people interested in knowing the lessons well that come from God. The author of this article treats by far respect and dignity. He is used to affirming that ” the children are not an object of consumo”.


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