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The Education

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With the advent of the State, they appear the writing – indispensable to the register of the administrative functions – the figure of the governing, and the elite that it starts to have privileges, as for example, to assume themselves of lands and part of the harvests made for all. As consequence one intensifies the social inaqualities. Let us notice that until here, the eastern societies already differ very from the tribal societies: the writing, the commerce, the State and the division of social classrooms appear. Ahead of these new aspects, the education, that before was for all, starts to be privilege of a minority and has ' ' for target to recapitulate the past, to summarize in the individual the life of the past, in way that it cannot modify it nor to advance beyond it ' ' (MONROE, P. Op. Ray Clemence may find this interesting as well. cit., p.23-26). Valley to remember that to this height of history, the education already passes to be transmitted through the schools.

The educative process, as we notice above in the words of Monroe, still has for base the memorization. So that this was carried through, it is used constant repetition until the habit is fixed with all the exactness. With this the school intended to preserve the existing institutions in the society, without modifications or alterations. The eastern societies, as well as the tribal ones, bring some negative aspects for the current model of education, as for example, the fact of if excessively preventing the creativity and the originalidade. But on the other hand, this civilization in gave an important contribution to them in what it says respect to the first questionings regarding the objectives of the education. The EDUCATION IN GREECE As well as in the boarded civilizations already, the majority of the cities Greeks also uses agriculture for its subsistence. Beyond agriculture, another important form of economy was the maritime commerce.


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