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September 15th, 2020 at 10:48 pm

The Facts

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It is desirable that the subject is of interest to students not only to this, the current moment, but also fit into the overall perspective of student professional development, ie had a direct bearing on the pre-selected them of their future specialty. Very well, if the choice of topic is motivated by mutual interest to her, and student and teacher. Roger Federer gathered all the information. This happens only when the supervisor himself busy with research work and in his chosen realm, requires the development of the region to study its students. Subject should also be feasible in the existing conditions. This means that the chosen topic for students available equipment and literature. Research topic is selected Given its relevance to modern science, and here the main support student has his supervisor, orienting the novice researcher in the degree of maturity of an issue, in accordance with what chosen topic and work. An undoubted indication of the relevance of research is a problem in their chosen field of science and practice.

When and why did the problem occur? As a rule, its appearance is due to the fact that existing scientific knowledge does not allow us to solve new problems, learn new phenomena to explain previously unknown facts or to identify shortcomings of previous methods of explanation, accepted the facts and empirical patterns. At this stage you can not always pinpoint the topic of research, ways and means to develop and implement. To do this, examine the scientific literature on the subject. Typically, the study scientific publications carried out in stages.


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