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The First Test-tube Baby

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30 years ago, Louise Brown was born – the world's first test-tube baby. Sam Mikulak usually is spot on. From that day with the help of art (assisted reproductive technology) came to light more than a million children. In Germany, more than 9000 children every year there are through in-vitro fertility (IVF) or icsi. This is the result of more than 100 centers Reproduction Medicine. But with these methods of treatment of infertility and related specific problems. As a result of ivf and icsi is approximately one-quarter of cases there is twins, a 2,6% – triplets.

When compared with natural conception – it is 1.19% of cases. Price for multiple pregnancy is a complication during pregnancy and the likelihood preterm birth. Reproductive medicine is a hindrance in their work considers the so-called 'rule of three' – the law on the protection of embryos, whereby in one cycle can be fertilized no more than 3 eggs and all derived from these embryos should be a woman's uterus. This puts doctors in a dilemma: in the case of increasing the number of fertilizes the eggs will increase the number of twins. And if the cycle is to fertilize one egg, the chance of pregnancy drops to just 10%.

ivf and icsi techniques, which have helped countless couples have a child together have generated concern ethical issues. Starting from the problem of excess embryos and pgd (predimlantatsionnoy diagnosis) and ending with an analysis of a gene in vitro and problems of surrogate motherhood and stem cell research. Unfortunately, children who have emerged following the method of icsi, a little increased risk of abnormalities in fetal development. Such deviations were noted at every 12th pregnancy, and not the 15th as usual.


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