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The Inclusive School

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The inclusion is part of a great movement for the improvement of education, and the first step pra that this in fact happens is looking at the education with other eyes. She is necessary to understand that the inclusion is not only for deficient children, but for all the excluded ones or acquitting, for the minorities. The specialized educational attendance only must be seen as a complement of the escolarizao and not a substitute. When if it thinks that type of benefits to the inclusion can generate, always appears that thought of that the people with deficiency have more possibilities of if she develops, but in the truth all earn with the inclusion, therefore we every day learn to exercise the tolerance and the respect to the next one is it who will be. Moreover, the inclusion brings benefits in such a way how much social academics.

The well-succeeded inclusion does not happen automatically, the attitude of the school as a whole is a significant factor in this process. Many professors find the idea to include pupils special its preoccupying rooms and are apreensivos in the start. Werneck (1993, p.56) says that ‘ ‘ to evolve is to perceive that to include it is not to treat equal, therefore the people is different! Different pupils will have different chances, so that education reach the same objectives. To include is to abandon esteretipos’ ‘. One of the biggest barriers for social inclusion of these individuals still is the preconception. Generally the preconception is generated due to information, and even though for unreliability on the part of the people, the human being tends to fear what it does not know. It is for this reason that the inclusion of children with deficiency in the schools of regular education is so important, therefore will be introduced in the possible way most natural these people in the life them had children as ‘ ‘ normais’ ‘ , and it thus creates a more conscientious thought in our children.


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