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May 10th, 2020 at 11:26 am

The Life

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What we teach spirituality? The surprise was a lot but the comment made to recognize that what is spirituality, it is as if the question were "going to give that love, love is a nothing more, not fragmented, spirituality is one, there may be many religions but only one spirituality, so in holistic education, spirituality is central to what no religion, spirituality is not religious belief, religion is a guide to cleave unto even spirituality, but supervised by traditional rules, it is cultural, But spirituality is your own self. Along with this explanation adds a very true and profound statement that says "we are not human beings having spiritual experiences but we are spiritual beings having a human experience." With this sentence we understand that we are spiritual beings, we are soul or spirit involved in a transportation circulating life where maintenance is part of the life of our vehicle and maintenance of our spiritual meditation and the desire experience the divine. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak can provide more clarity in the matter. I've heard a lot of my colleagues, my teachers that really leaves much to be desired, when asked about his arrogant behavior, authoritarian, offensive, industrial quantities of ego and they would respond aggressively, that's how I treated me, that made me battle, that had many teachers who did not listen and treat them why they cost as cost me more than anything spoken in anger, and remember their teachers with hatred which no learned more than his bad attitude and low human quality. When you hear the concept of learning communities, it became of great interest and pay close attention to understand and implement.


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