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April 30th, 2014 at 1:15 am

The Men

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But the example elucidador arespeito of the beings livings creature is of the spider, therefore it transmits better as they function. The teias are the tendes that possess linking with the body of the spider. Quandoqualquer of it is touched this vibrates and makes with that the body of the spider is affected. Thus, when I feel my leg or when the movement is my tendes queesto vibrating or distendendo themselves. the body of the spider is the brain.

But talexemplo of the one breach to a cartesian interpretation, making distinction between ocorpo, a machine, and the soul. To prevent this it uses analogiado cravo (musical instrument of keyboard keys predecessor of the piano) to say that osseres livings creature are only mechanisms. The nature touches the keyboard and makes with that the ropes or tendes sevibrem. Each function of the body is explained by estasvibraes. The vision is the vibration of the tendes of the eyes. The memory also and todasas sensations and passions. However the formation of the language and daracionalidade is made by convention between similar mechanisms.

Thus cadaanimal it will have its proper one. The test of this, according to it, the languages are the interjeies queexpressam the same thing in all, therefore they express maisnaturais passions between the men. Such ideas have some posiesinteressantes in the Ethics, that deal with the actions of the men. In first place, osseres human will have natural affinities, therefore, unsdos others possess similar mechanisms. Thus being, alone a type of Nature will exist Human being. Being that oque is good for the Man, it is only for it and this constitutes a point in comumentre the men. However, individually each man will have certain diferenasdependendo of the predominance of the rope of each individual that will constitute umtalento. The geniuses are the ones that possess extreme predominance of only umacorda.


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