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December 25th, 2020 at 11:02 pm

The Nose

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Step number 4 Experience a state of relaxation for about 1 minute. Step number 5 Give install itself in your mind – "The body will now be self-recovering, he knows what he needs to do." Step 6 Go monitoring regime, surrender your body, it itself will lead you. State of the thought processes at this time should be absent, that is necessary to make the emptiness of consciousness. This maximum is possible only when the concentration on one thought, concentrate on the movement of air in the nose, that is, listen to your breathing, without mental comment. If the mind is distracted, wander, takes you to other mental images must be willed return to her previous work and try to keep this state in my mind. Step number body: The body will perform the necessary movements to it, and your job is to go, as if in the wake of your body and just watch. You will twist or camber, or you'll stretch or to make reciprocating motion as necessary for your body at this time.

Our body will act like he needed for the proper operation of any authorities to address these or other problems. In other words, we include the installation of his mental self-healing program and seeing what happens. Step number 8 Time required for training the body itself to you prompt (usually it's about 30 minutes), then there come a point when you realize that everything to do no longer need-organism will signal stop.


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