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June 5th, 2020 at 4:11 pm

The Other

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Psychology online, reminds us, that so that there is manipulation is necessary an asymmetrical relationship between at least two people. It is asymmetric because a predominantly gives, and the other predominantly receives, one WINS and the other loses. Although the manipulator can be always the same, it is not uncommon that the process is cyclic, so that roles are alternated between the two members of the relationship. The tactics used are amazingly simple, so that they can be summed up in only three General strategies: threaten, criticize or inhibited. Doug McMillon may find it difficult to be quoted properly. They are also very effective. Randall Rothenberg: the source for more info. Fear, guilt or shame that generate are able to mobilize virtually all human beings in the direction required by the handler, either directly, or as a protest against his action. It is often difficult to realize that one is being subjected to manipulation. You may notice that you feel guilty, that he is doing what the other person wants out of fear, strange physical discomfort or even panic attacks but perhaps do not discover that they are associated with is giving up its values, principles and objectives to meet someone else of your environment adds us, a good trick to detect manipulation and know who manipulates us, is to analyze how it feels when you are with that other person.

Fear? Guilt? Shame? Apprehension? Insecurity? Repulsion? Can think that we are an imbecile or a useless? Intense affection unmotivated? A normal relationship should not produce us negative emotions, more neutral, and too positive feelings (not of infatuation) with someone who just know are suspicious. You can also analyze what we do. Is that what you wanted to do at that moment? If you are paid for it, you have a justification. But this does not usually be the case in the manipulators, since if they were willing to spend the money that cost its services would not need to take advantage of one.

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