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January 19th, 2016 at 7:11 am

The Rear Of Pippa Middleton Could Have Trick

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EP experts ensure that the sister of Princess Catherine would have used a girdle to enhance their buttocks the day of Kate Middleton wedding. The curves that looked at the link are not appreciated in subsequent images. The spectacular picture of the 27 year old dressed in white carrying the tail of his sister bride on her wedding day. But apparently there is no perfection and Pippa Middleton could have resorted to an old acquaintance of the female gender: the Strip. The Royal sister-in-law is a mass phenomenon: they are dying to be like her and they are dying to be with her. His wide smile, its toasting Tan and her spectacular body have exalted him as an authentic Muse of beauty.

But Pippa is a girl more than it could have chosen to use the typical tricks to deceive the view on a day in which I knew that it was going to be the center of half the world looks. In a special broadcast on TLC called crazy by Pippa chain several experts analysed this media phenomenon. One of them was that put in the spotlight the silhouette of the young pointing: I don’t think that her butt is completely natural and explained: because I think that if you see other photos theirs wearing jeans, has a very flat ass but consider the possibility that for the day of the wedding, for that spectacular dress, may have led some form of trousers that raise the buttocks or even a little filling. The debate is served and there are many who have given the hypothesis of the Strip as correct since when the paparazzi photographed him in his everyday life, the curves of her butt conspicuous by their absence. Source of the news: the rear of Pippa Middleton would have trick

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