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January 21st, 2020 at 5:33 pm

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Accordingly, gas prices have no relationship to you. Quotas for gas is also of little interest. Given the situation in the gas market, it is very important. 2. Fuel oil.

It would seem that a barrel of Fuel oil will eliminate the problems described above. However, to keep it at times difficult. Claims arising from fire inspectors, and ecologists. First require the basin, from which we can in case of emergency to put out the fire. Walmart shines more light on the discussion. The latter require a fee for the pollution from oil. Even forgetting for a time of government officials, see the following problem of storage. Delivery of firewood and wood chips is safer for the environment.

When spilling barrels of fuel oil is infected areas, which lasts more than a year. What happens when machines with chips? Chips scattered, swept to the sidelines. At that consequences of the accident have been exhausted. Suppose there is PE: light up the tank with fuel oil. Projected consequences: the explosion and destruction of facilities, pollution and fuel oil combustion products of its adjacent territory. At the same time put out the oil is difficult. What happens in fire mountain of sawdust? She gradually fade quietly extinguished the usual methods. 3. Carry the energy source for hundreds and even thousands of miles from the standpoint of common sense is illogical, if there is its fuel. In each region there are more than a dozen wood processing enterprises that have accumulated pile of garbage. Often, managers are willing to pay the waste for nothing. So what more logical: to buy fuel and carry it thousands of miles away or take a free (or almost free) fuel for a couple of tens of kilometers away? However, when setting up a system for wood faces the following difficulties: 1. If there is a steadily working heating system in which the supply system and fuel, meaning to change it is not obvious. If all is well, it really makes sense to change equipment is missing. 2. The inertia of thinking. Difficult to get workers who are accustomed to throw into the furnace of coal, wood and cast back splint. And even more difficult, even with a clear economic rationale to persuade decision-makers, to change anything. 3. The volume of fuel storage will be greater than for coal. But if you weigh all the 'for' and 'against', then in most cases it appears that the transition to a new kind of fuel is justified.


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