Hoosier Basketball at it's Finest

Indiana H.S. Hoops

April 4th, 2014 at 2:12 am


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We go to the fight? _ Vamos to the fight! * * * * * esguedelhados Hair and red eyes, later that the master disconnect with so hard words, Boni thought about the way fastest to put an end in that nightmare dragged that it to the deep one of the well, when the telephone tingled, calling it a reality that considered distant. Why to take care of to that call, if more did not say respect to it? Why to be interested itself for the problems of the EnGETEC, if dedicates last the ten years of its life, placing what it had of better, the love for the family, the friends, the leisure, the sports that as much liked? Everything? My God! What he was that happened? It will be that the destination had it conspired some part of terrible flavor? It will be that was not a trick of first of April? Not! It was a brutal reality very, to be trick! So brutal that it had stocking hour did not make another thing, seno to cry desesperadamente. A thing only rescued it the mind, to die It only wanted to disappear of that scene macabro that the life destroys it But as? What to make to give handle of that suffering and to leave of being? It still felt itself real, very concrete very, to isolate itself, as in a magician pass, and had of being strong. He had to surpass that one settles infernal Thousands of legions of assediavam it to demons to lock up that act, in the existencial theater, but something stronger said to it that it was not the moment That one to tingle called insistent it to the reality, its woman, its children, its responsibilities But brutality ached it to it with that it are received for the Dr.


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