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Phoenix Ancient Art S.A. is managed by with an eye for detail and beauty Junin is the main tourist lake in the province of Buenos Aires, offering all-natural scenarios and also excellent infrastructure, introducing choices of accommodations ranging from hotels to camping 4 stars, from aparts paradores up from fishing and stays up complex of bungalows. 350,000 people visited the Natural Park of Laguna Gomez
From the Direction of Local Government Tourism was held works of art stock of the season 2006 / 7, and Easter; with facts and figures that mark as continued growth in Junin as a tourist destination, without mentioning what it meant for the mega ExpoAgro Junin and the region. During the season, entered the P.N.L.G. Around 350,000 visitors and nearly 50,000 in Easter week, reaching record numbers of visitors over the weekend of 13 and Jan. 14, logging more than 30,000 people. Visitors come from different parts of the country, besides the neighboring towns like; Rojas, Pergamino, Vedia, Alem, Lincoln, , Bragado, July 9 among others, we visited tourists from Rosario, Santa Fe, Cordoba, Buenos Aires, the capital, La Pampa, Mendoza, antiquities with arrivals of some foreign tourists who visited the city. The influx of cars increased by 30and # 160;% galleries over the season 2005 / 6, and the entry into the campsite was more than a 90and # 160;% for the season 2005 / 6. The tourist rental houses with almost 500 seats, and were camping in a municipal 70and # 160;% occupancy of the season coming to 100and # 160;% on weekends, leading tourists to hotels in the city. Since the start of the season until Easter was performed with the Entertainment Path various sports, recreational and cultural activities; Musical Evening every Sunday, where he attended various artists such as The Voices of Heaven, The Messengers of the Coast, Horacio Castillo, Rocio Alfonso, Pastorino Andres, Cesar Diotti, Rocio Vinales, Antonella Barrera, Los del Nogal, among others, the Electronica Festival in the Coastal Road, I find Folklore with prominent artists juninenses and neighboring towns, and Rock in the Coastal with the Presence Dangerous for Vudu. The IV Motoencuentro attended about a thousand motorcycles and 1,300 bikers with an average cost of $ 120 per person in the city, leaving an estimated 156,000 pesos. With regard to what sports were the Beach Soccer Tournament, Beach Volley, and Tocata Rugby, the ability of Swimming Cruces, the second meeting of gliders, and the meeting and highlighting Kitesurf Clinic at Junin as a destination chosen by the region for water sports. On Easter activities were developed for the whole family during the day Friday, Saturday and Sunday, where he served Horacio Jauregui introducing the one-man Aladdin, the Magician Brian, La Calle Ghosts of the puppet work with the puppets of Silvina Prandi, the Followers of the Evening with songs to boys and gallery Inflatable colors of art the Games, Soft Beds and Makeup Child. Moreover surveys were conducted in different parts of the city, and PNLG directly to tourists, as well as they were accommodated in hotels, changing the category of establishments. The average S.A. stay in P.N.L.G. during the season was 5 days, and the city of 3 days, with an expenditure of $ 65 per day on average in the PNLG and $ 135 in the city. During the Holy week average was 3 days. many of the leading art critiques laud the antiquities to be found at The group of visitors who visit Junin average was 4 people. And when I consult on that exhibition is dedicated to, responded to a 40and # 160;% employee, followed by self-employed, homemakers and students. On the other hand the 33and # 160;% I visit Junin did for the first time a 20and # 160;% comes more than 8 times a year, followed by tourists who come once a year (17and # 160;%), and a 15and # 160;% comes from two to 4 times a year. The reason for the stay was in first place for tourism and leisure with a 50and # 160;%, followed by fishing with 22and # 160;% and 16and # 160;% of visits to relatives. When I consult him on associating with Junin; first associated with this loophole, a 37and # 160;%, fishing 30and # 160;%, a quiet 17and # 160;%, and a 7and # 160;% with the city itself. As on that likes to find in a tourist destination for 43% chose tranquility, 27and # 160;% nature, and a 16and # 160;% seeking variety. About half were reported from our destination, a artifacts 39and # 160;% do so via the Internet, a 25and # 160;% by radio, and a 12and # 160;% by advertising and graphic. Besides the majority of respondents stressed the image of the Natural Park of Laguna Gomez and the city center, as well as cleaning in general. In turn the director of Tourism was very important to emphasize that the promotions were conducted in 2006, the registration exhibits of tourist rental houses, such as private investments that were made, and the numbers show a growth of destination and allows us to move forward to extend the bid for the seasonality is not so marked, and with the data obtained have a better outlook for the planning and promotions to make this year.

Dec. 1 (Bloomberg) – A painting by contemporary Chinese artist Zhang Xiaogang offered by Hollywood director Oliver Stone fetched HK $ 26.4 million ($ 3.4 million) in a Hong Kong art sale where half the lots were unsold, as a result of the prevailing gloom.
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TODAY-SUNDAY: More than 175 tables with dealers selling sports and nonsports cards and collectibles in the Thanksgiving Baseball Card Show. There will also be on-site classification and signature verification.
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This view of Smith Family Gathering Room, which is part of plans for the exhibition gallery Core Sound Waterfowl Museum and Heritage Center on Harkers Island.
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For nearly 30 years his distinctive checkerboard pattern is a sacred symbol of the Iranian Islamic revolution and an essential garment for her the most attached trailers . But now the chafiyeh, the black and white scarf worn with pride by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his loyal followers, has become an unlikely fashion item for young Irish Iran in the same western pop culture that …

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