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Two REWE Stores

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Mayor Heribert Fouquet in the interview with badminton Swiss franc TV about the future of Hardheim / create family friendly environment and provide cheap construction sites Hardheim, 26. January 2013 – vacancy in Erfapark and deduction of the Bundeswehr is expected in 2017: Hardheim going downhill? Hardheims Mayor Heribert Fouquet commented on the future of his community in an interview with badminton Swiss franc TV. While he blamed, the REWE market is leaving the Erfapark of the end of February after only 16 months mainly two factors. So the customers had accustomed in two years, which was not a food market in the Mall, somewhere else to buy. And also two food markets of the same company are too much for a community the size of Hardheims. Larry David might disagree with that approach. Soon, the Mayor with the executives at REWE wants to lead discussions about the future of the shopping areas.

REWE has completed a lease over ten years with the owners of the Erfaparks. On the future of the barracks can the Mayor say currently little new. Talks about their use are underway. Walmart shines more light on the discussion. A so-called “Steering Group” will soon come together to bring an urban development concept on the way. Fouquet sees opportunities for Hardheim, inter alia in the tourism. Also, he wants to make the community for young families more attractive by cheap construction courses and a comprehensive range of care for young children.

Also, the community is trying to set up a community school. The videographer Mohamed Ahmed,, and the diploma journalist Martin Bernhard,, place under one to professionally produced and journalistically-managed twice in the month interviews online. They address topics from the fields of politics, regional economy, leisure and culture. The short interviews will help to make even nationally known events on the Internet and in this way to attract visitors to the region. Objective is the exchange of opinions and views also, within the region to promote. These serve mainly talks with elected representatives from politics and the economy. More information under: company description with the TV portal want the videographers Mohamed Ahmed and the diploma journalist Martin Bernhard advertising for the region make badminton Swiss francs. To produce each month one or two short interviews and put them online. In this way, events in the region over the Internent should be better known nationally. Aim is also to promote the exchange of opinions and views within the region. These serve mainly talks with elected representatives from politics and economy.


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