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University Fernando Pessoa

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On 9 may the Director General of the Group ALBOR-COHS, DRA. angela Magaz Lago, signed an agreement of cooperation academic with University Fernando Pessoa de Portugal, represented by its magnificent Rector Prof. Salvato Trigo. Under that agreement group ALBOR-COHS becomes the first independent team of professionals of psychology and education with character of institution academically affiliated to a European University.

This new academic situation offers an extraordinary opportunity to all professionals and students trained in the dawn-COHS group: access to two official degrees, with 120 ECTS, in the framework of the European area of higher education: Master’s degree in clinical psychology and the health Master official in education psychology community intervention in this mode combines two essential values in forming and professional updating of all psychologists: the quality of a training courses taught by professionals on exercise, with a history of 25 promotions, and the academic support of a European Master’s degree. All psychology professional needs a solid conceptual model that allows you to understand human behavior in all contexts in which takes place: educational, family, labor, this Master includes a conceptual operating model as a basis of four pillars: conceptual model, evaluation protocols, strategies for behavior analysis, intervention programs and strategies for design, development and monitoring of individualized plans. An opportunity to upgrade the professional curriculum, completing it with a formal training giving access to the work as a psychologist in the health field, under the recently adopted law 5th March 29. Group ALBOR-COHS has already trained more than one thousand of professionals of psychology and education, with training programmes themselves, supported by psycho-educational we work with a scientific model that lets you control every process of personal change and learning skills, adjusting it to the preferences and the philosophy of life of each customer, with verifiable results.

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