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August 31st, 2020 at 8:41 pm

Weseke Tel

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In recent years, not only has Increased quality of the different varieties of artificial turf, and the number of available varieties has grown. So, it is e.g. possible to rent artificial turf, which then corresponds to the special requirements of the respective sports specifically for sporting events. Also for trade fairs and trade fair stands are often very special properties–also here a good rental of artificial grass offers the right option. In many situations you want to create a natural atmosphere and an appropriate flooring offers the best basis for a perfect arrangement. Whether on trade fair stands, photo shoot or other events – often lawn as flooring is desired.

But how do you get beautiful lawn in an exhibition hall or any place for a photo shoot or an event? Roll grass was formerly a common solution for these requirements has established itself in recent years Astroturf for rent as a perfect alternative and so artificial grass is rented at fairs and other events more frequently, to the perfect Arrangement to offer. Professional plant rentals offer often also the rental of artificial grass for sports events. So, the perfect surface of the soil can be used at sporting events, expositions, festivities etc. The right artificial turf can you rent there and lay it at the same time, so that for many events, represents the best solution is to rent artificial turf as flooring. Contact: Professional plant hire rental plants and artificial grass for events of all kinds Jorg Demes procession route 62 46325 borken-Weseke Tel.: 02862 700207 who is professional plant hire a provider of rental plants of any kind. As to the name addition “powered by nursery NewGarden”, the professional plant hire is a subsidiary of the nursery NewGarden. Nursery NewGarden has successfully worked for many years in the trade with every kind of garden plants and offers customers a range of over 4,500 different varieties of plants and a total of almost 15,000 variants, making it Germany and Europe one of the largest Online nurseries.

Increasingly also questions regarding the rental of plants placed in recent years and from this demand out of professional plant hire has been founded. For special events, trade fairs, photo shoots, weddings, exclusive and exotic plants provide a special atmosphere and a unique atmosphere. But not only the exotic plants are in demand. Just for trade fair stands, not for example hedge items are ideal to obtain a mobile privacy and nevertheless to create a natural atmosphere. Because the plants are needed but only for a limited period of time, the rental of the plants is that so must you don’t worry about it, what happens after the use with plants and saves a large part towards the purchase of the plants. By the terms and conditions of delivery and pick-up service customers receive on time the desired rental plants and also picked up the rental period is up, so minimizes the effort for the customer. In the Those interested will find online-shop a large selection of decorative and exotic plants, starting with the well-known and widespread deciduous and coniferous plants are particularly coveted plants just Palm trees and exotic plants. Whether rented plants in spiral form, as a bow or an exclusive garden bonsai for the booth in Asian atmosphere – we offer you always the best rental plant for your needs. And if you find a plant not in our range of rental plants once, love to talk. Through collaboration with the nursery NewGarden, we can always meet special wishes after plants.


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