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May 20th, 2020 at 2:11 am

World Championships

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I think that the approach, the Government policy concerning weapons, is a huge mistake. Warrior and Hunter atavism is innate in man and what you need to do is focus on the use of weapons of hunting on white artificial, remove the gatilleros of nature, those who like to shoot at anything that flies without hesitation and re-educate them in sport shooting. For that coaches and facilities are needed. The shooter that comes to dominate its weapon searches and I say this from own experience, the difficulty of the lance, which today is more in tours of hunting or the compack sporting that in those beatings of partridges, quails, ducks and pheasants of farm, although very perfected, have no less sporting interest. Back a little in time. Do you watched you on someone when you started? My greatest admiration was for Konrad Wirnhier, Europe worldwide and of the Munich Games champion that within 48 hours of your stay in Spain, gave me sufficient technical base to develop only, my capabilities.

In any of my activities I tried that my only enemy was myself. First break 12 of 25, then reaching 20/25 and finally 25/25; then, see how many at 50, 100, 200, or the percentage of the year, and that Yes, plate to plate and swallowing you failures. Of course that win is a goal and see to the sides of the podium champions of popularity, a huge satisfaction.www.cazaworld.com of all great shooters I have ever known, that impressed me most was the Russian Yuri Tsuranov, world champion in San Sebastian, Gudamendi, that was the most beautiful shot in the world. It was my first World Championships and there was champion with 198/200. When finished the competition asked to sign me an autograph and wrote to me: your will too 198/200. I thought that something should have seen at my and your memory many times gave me moral.


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