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Human beings need and have the obligation to respect the planet Earth and all organism that integrates; from the microscopic to the more complex. If humans rather than destroy, looking as they interact between Yes millions and millions of organisms that live among us, learn many things related to the term cohabitation, helping us to be better people. Nature gives us a lesson in tolerance and respect doing other living beings. There is nothing more to pay attention to give us has that peaceful coexistence is possible. For example there are plants that deter animals through their bad taste; and there are certain animals that eat its leaves in order to be rejected by his enemies.

There are fish that are desparacitados by other smaller fish; birds that lay their eggs in other nests, which are accepted by its function of flies mata. The sloth need green algae that grow on your body as camouflage to protect themselves from the enemy, and algae need to turn of the your hair cells to live. And might as well go on an endless number of examples of life in common, or dependence on life without harming the other, only in order to protect themselves. That is what human beings do; but otherwise, practiced the cult of destruction of all kinds of life either with desire for economic performance, or simply destroy. No go more away than see when arrives the time of Easter or also called week of tourism, as it is promoted by various means of communication places where you can go to hunt specific animals.

And many children from an early age van adquiriendo culture of killing animals for the fact of killing as a sport. We think that the balance in all directions means the same; the balance of a human being and the balance of nature going along the same path; When this is broken and is not healed in time, it does not return to be the same, leaving sequelae which in many cases are very serious and irreversible. To know more about this subject visit Frank Ntilikina. As irreversible is the indiscriminate hunting of animals has led to the extinction of several species, the macabre and mediocre end brag about a coat of fur, a wallpaper on a wall or the figure of an animal in a corner of the House; as power, versus the same animal trophy or feel more important and more powerful than other people. When we understand that we are not the owners of the planet Earth, nor the only living beings that inhabit it; When are we going to understand that it should not kill and Yes respect life, all kinds of life; that we all need all in perspective! Fair measure that is given since the creation of the universe; nothing is here by itself alone; everything has a reason and a purpose; This fair measure depend on all the living beings and the planet Earth. Here you will find quality items for the care of the body, mind and spirit; In addition to other sections such as: sports, entertainment, computing, health, painting, languages and more.

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