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January 27th, 2020 at 2:41 am

Yesipova Ludmila

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That is, analytical, rational thinking, it is the left hemisphere of the brain dvuhpolusharnogo. For example. When we are looking for a way out of “deadlock” situation starts to scan all possible similar situations that are in our memory and select the appropriate output. That is, the act stereotypically, out of habit. Only life experience of our diverse and not always a stranger or a familiar experience is the right decision. We feel it (right hemisphere), but it drowns out the feeling and intuition hints logical arguments.

What do you do? Remember that the most original and often correct, although not the most conscientious way out of a difficult, terrible, deadlock, one finds, when the mind is the “unconscious” fear and deadlock. This condition is called inspiration. Do not confuse this condition with stupornym fear, when you compress consciousness and denies freedom: then and jump to freedom of stereotypes and bustle. In the fear of man at first strongly bustles and hurries, and then calms down (if you live up to that point). The difference is fundamental. Intuition reveals itself in all its glory, and wisdom only free body! Let’s further constrained, so what do you do? How to obtain this healing, and freedom of peaceful mind? Freedom must obtain by removing clamps, muscle blocks, stress. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Comedian has to say. Freedom loves to sweep and breadth of the movement, as body and mind. I’d venture to offer you a few simple exercises, easy to perform and have fun anywhere.

Wave hands like whips so much so that they, hands, slapped on the back. Hands can move at different speeds, power and scale. Spank with pleasure. Shake, find a comfortable pace and easy driving directions. The hands move freely on – necessary. Stretch your arms, tensing them and fists, then relax and enjoy their independent movement in the hand. I wanted them to go way back, please do not stop. Stand relaxed, with a sense of center of gravity just below the navel, and let your head will talk in different directions, You can add body-bending easily, without straining. You can not just wave his hands, and legs: arms right foot right – left, then vice versa. Most Valuable begins then. Sit down and do nothing for five minutes – to paint a smile your face, thought to be easy and the ones that can then be called inspiration. Your first impulse – to sleep, to write something to do that came to mind a decision will be correct most of your business. Set a problem, work out, removed the stress and the decision itself came to you. Do not know from what illness, did exercises, relaxed, and the answer will be obtained, of course. There are unsolvable problem, that is the problem – protantsuyte free movements of her body to give freedom to express themselves through movement, sonastroytes mentally – the solution is found.


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